Welcome to Wrexham


For the Season 2 promos of the hit Hulu show 'Welcome to Wrexham', FX wanted to lean in to the energy and football fever of the Wrexham experience. State Design brought me on board to help establish the illustration and design approach to the season's promo package, and after locking the award, continue building out the world of Wrexham football-mania. In addition, together with fellow illustrator Helton Mattei, we designed and illustrated the key art, which appeared in streaming thumbnails, billboards, print material and anywhere else they could think to slap a red Welsh dragon with soccer cleats. 
Key Art
Executive Creative Director: Marcel Ziul
Creative Directors: Lucho Suarez
Design: Jamie Givens, Helton Mattei & Siwan Seok
Illustration: Jamie Givens, Helton Mattei & Siwan Seok
Styleframes for animated promos
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